Printer configuration done automatically

Screenshot: Printer configuration

Printer configuration can be painful if you have to specify all installable options manually. That's why we included an assistant to support you. All printers which are installed on your system are identified automatically and if it is a supported device the right PPD is recommended to you. The installable options are selected automatically, because the information is retrieved from the printer driver. Done!

Here you can find a list of all supported devices.

Organize all papers in the paper catalog

Screenshot: Configuration of paper catalog

There are two ways for organizing your papers: You can import the paper catalog from your printer or you can create your own paper catalog by defining paper types and assigning them to the right printer(s). If you specifiy in detail which paper type is available in which paper tray, our software solution can use this information and print even complex print products automatically.

Individual configuration of paper formats and signatures

In order to avoid limitations on product creation we give you plenty of rope for defining your own paper formats and signatures. So you even can create products that differ from the standard formats. A set of common paper formats and signatures are included by default but you can easily add your own customized ones.



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