Order management

Convenient management of print orders

Screenshot: Job list

For your easier orientation the whole design of our software solution for central print management follows the composition of an email client: New print jobs arrive in the incoming folder where they can be easily moved to other folders you can create by yourself according to your preferred filing system. If you select a print order all order information is displayed in the bottom window, if you double-click you will open it in a new tab. The user interface is clearly arranged and intuitive in order to provide an self-explanatory user experience.

Extensive search & filter options

Screenshot: Search & filter toolbar

Use the included search & filter toolbar to easily find specific print orders. You can search single folders or use the global search. The filter options help you to manage your orders: You can filter the print orders by their current order status. For example, filter only those print jobs that are in production at the moment to prepare the shipping.

Check documents in the preview

Screenshot: Preview window in the order list

Misprints are annoying, time consuming and expensive. In order to avoid them you can check incoming print orders directly in the order list with the dedicated preview. You can switch between page preview and sheet preview, you can flip through the whole document and you can zoom in & out. If you want to edit the document you can use further previews in the job editor.

Detailed order history for the Print operator

Screenshot: Order history

As soon as a print order arrives in our software solution for central print management, a order history is created automatically. Here you can see at any time if the order was already printed, its current status and if emails were sent to the user. The order history gives you an up-to-date overview which is especially useful if more than one person is working with our application.

Database for statistical reports

Do you want to create custom queries and reports? We provide everything you need to do so. All order data is now saved in an SQLite database and remains there, even if you delete the orders in your order list. The database can be accessed via ODCB driver (available here for free download) by 3rd party tools, e.g. Microsoft Excel. Since the order details are saved in the state they arrive and again in the state they are printed, you can create diverse queries and comparisons.

Export of order data

Do you want to use the stored order data to create invoices or do you want to use the data within another application? For these purposes we included an export functionality which allows you to export all order data as CSV-file. CSV is a common file format that is widely supported by most applications.



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