Submission of print data

Users send print files from source applications with JT Printer

Screenshot: User sends Word document with JT Printer

All print orders that are managed and processed within our software solution for central print management are submitted via Intranet. Users can submit their print files by using our printer driver JT Printer which needs to be installed on their local office workplace in order to provide a convenient way of ordering. Once installed, users can send their print files directly from the application the print file was created with (e.g. MS Office) by using the FILE | PRINT dialogue. A prior conversion to PDF or Postscript is not necessary.

JT Printer can also be used in a Citrix XenApp environmentCitrix XenApp is used in corporations to manage applications centrally and to deliver them as service to dedicated users. JT Printer can be used on the Citrix Server to send print jobs directly from those centrally managed applications to the central print room.

Direct import of print files in the print shop

If print files are submitted via email or FTP to the central print room instead of using the JT Printer, you can import the PDF and Postscript files directly into the application. The print job which is created during import is displayed in the order list and can be managed there like any regular print order. So you can benefit from all the included job management features for these kind of print orders as well.

Submitting order information in the job ticket

Screenshots: Job ticket during ordering

All information which is necessary for printing as well as all order information are saved in the job ticket. The user fills the job ticket during ordering or, if the print files are imported in the print shop, the Print operator does so. Both select a product, specify the number of copies and choose the production- and finishing options (color or b/w, paper type, punching, stapling) and all delivery details. Afterwards the job ticket is submitted together with the print file. In our application all production details are automatically applied to the print file. As a result the imposed and print-ready file is available for printing - even automatically if desired.

Preflight information

Preflight tab displays information regarding transparencies, resolution, missing fonts

All print files that arrive at the print room are automatically checked during upload for faults which may cause problems during printing. This preflight information is displayed to the Print operator in a special tab. So the following information is available for the Print operator:

  • included transparencies and the affected pages
  • if images are included, the lowest resolution is displayed
  • in case fonts are not embedded, the missing fonts are listed

This feature helps you to spot problems before printing and to remove them in time.



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