JT Color Split

JT Color Split

Illustration: Send print files to different printers with JT Color Split

Avoiding unnecessary color prints

JT Color Split detects the black & white and color pages within a document. Your benefit: Printers, which count color and black & white sheet sides separately, print and count sheet sides according to the import detection as black & white or color sheet sides.

You can use the detected information about color properties to do the following:

Change color properties

You can change the color properties for the whole print file or just for single pages. For example, you can switch it for pages containing nonessential color elements or negligible color content (e.g. colored links) to black & white and so reduce the amount of expensive color prints.

Output on two different devices

Furthermore, you have the option of dividing up a print job containing both black & white and color pages for separate output on a color printer and a black & white printer.

For example, you can print colored pages on a color printer first. Afterwards you print black & white pages on a black & white printer. JT Color Split takes care that the already printed color sheets are automatically inserted at the correct position as slip sheets either via the PI tray or from a paper tray

Take advantage of JT Color Split and reduce your costs for color prints.



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