JT Hot Folder

JT Hot Folder

Illustration: JT Hot Folder zur automatischen Bearbeitung

Automatic management of recurring print jobs

Hot folders are the ideal solution for printing recurring print jobs automatically.

Illustration: Print data stored in a hot folder is automatically transferred

Hot folders are monitored directories on your JT Man Server which are linked to a job ticket. All the data you need to produce and process the order is set in the job ticket. As soon as a PDF or Postscript file is stored in the hot folder, it is automatically linked to the job ticket and uploaded to Printgroove JT Man 5 without any further manual work-steps.

You can use JT Hot Folder to realize the complete automation of workflows. For example, an application can create a PDF and save it in the hot folder automatically. If you assign a product to the hot folder, that is printed automatically, then the print file is automatically send to the printer without manual intervention.

One single hot folder license is already included in Printgroove JT Man 5. You can buy additional hot folders licenses as option:

  • Additional JT Hot Folder Licenses: Set with five licenses
  • Unlimited JT Hot Folder Licenses: Set with unlimited licenses

Use JT Hot Folder to create a print workflow that is customized for particular print jobs.



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