Configure print products by defining their print settings

We define print products as a set of print settings that are automatically applied to a document. The benefit: You don't need to adjust the print settings manually for each order, because the documents are prepared automatically according to the chosen product and arrive print-ready in the print room.

To create a product you define the output format or you select an imposition scheme, you choose a printer and define the settings and finishing options (color or b/w, binding, paper type, ...). Our software solution already includes a set of standard products which you can change or customize at any time.

Professional impositioning

For the production of professional print products we included a set of imposition schemes you can use for creating products. These are Gang up, Step & repeat, different schemes for booklets and Cut & marry, for example. Assign one imposition scheme per product and it will be applied automatically to the print file as soon as the user selects this product. You don't need to prepare the print file manually.

Automatic printing without manual intervention

Screenshot: Select auto print in product configuration

When you create a print product you can decide if it should be printed automatically. If you activate this option, then the incoming print job is directly send to the printer without any manual intervention. You can define a maximum number of copies in order to manage your print volumes efficiently when printing big orders.

Send order status updates automatically via email

Screenshot: Print operator sets order status

Inform your users about the current status of their order by sending them status updates via email automatically. You can select from a list of predefined work-steps and corresponding status types those you want to work with. Create for each one or maybe just for some of them an automated email information. You can use variables for the text. So if you select the appropriate order status in the order list for a particular print order, an email is sent to your user automatically.

Additionally your users are informed about the new status on their dashboard at the online shop and in the order history



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