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Available in 23 languages with detailed trilingual online help

Flags of all supported languages

As we are selling our print workflow solution worldwide, it is avaible in many different languages. The complete user interface of both the online shop and the order management part as well as Flux Web Printer are fully localized. During installation you can choose from 23 languages.

The detailed online help, which is available in the online shop as well as in the order management part, is available in English, French and German.

Support in your national language

If you need help or a problem occurs you can contact the Customer service team of Konica Minolta available 24/7. You can get in contact by phone, email or fax and you will get feedback within the shortest time possible. Every country organization of Konica Minolta has its own support team, so you can always communicate in your own national language and get the best service available.



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