Convenient editing of documents

Screenshot: Editing document in the job editor

Our software solution for central print management offers you the possibility to adjust the print files before printing in a convenient job editor. According to our basic principle you can add, delete or rearrange pages but you are not allowed to change the page content. So you can crop, move and rotate pages, number and label pages but you cannot change text or images.

Three different previews for comfortable editing

In order to edit print files comfortably you can use three different previews: The page preview shows you all pages arranged as in the final printed product. In the sheet preview you can check how the pages are arranged on the sheets and the list view provides a detailed overview about all pages and their properties. If you change any settings, those changes will be immediately reflected in the previews.

Range programming: Easy editing of large documents

Screenshot: Range programming done in the job editor

If you often need to edit documents with a lot of pages, you will appreciate our included select options. For example, you can quick and easy select and edit all even or uneven pages or you can select and easily change all tap sheets, slip sheets or a specific page range. So you can edit whole ranges without the need to touch every single page.

Insert tab/slip sheets, empty pages and external PDF

Screenshot: Insert menu in the job editor

Add tab sheets, slip sheets or empty pages to every print file if needed. You can easily add label texts to tab sheets or page labeling to empty pages. It is even possible to add pages from an external PDF file. The insert menu offers everything you need.

Combine print orders to one final print file

If single parts of one print job, for example cover and content, are sent in different orders, you can easily combine them to one final print file. All you have to do is inserting one print order into another and you will get both documents combined in one file. Afterwards you can process the order like any other order.



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