Choose order workflow: Quick orders or Shopping cart

Screenshot: Order steps when using Quick order compared to Shopping cart

Choose an order workflow per user group. Use Quick orders if you want to offer a quick and simple way of ordering. When using Quick orders, your users can order only one item at a time.
Or choose to offer a Shopping cart. Then your users can send multiple print jobs in one order.

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Secure ordering 24/7

By setting up your own web-to-print shop your users can order 24/7, irrespective of weekends or public holidays. The print shop is available day and night and even gains revenue if your print shop is actually closed. We also designed the way of ordering to meet all legal requirements that come with the EU consumer directive that will become affective in 2014.

Preflight Check

Screenshot: Manager sets preflight options in the backend, print job is checked during upload

PDF files can easily include little faults which may cause problems during printing and which can increase the effort to process the order dramatically. In order to avoid the most common problems that derive from faulty PDF files, we have included a preflight check in our web-to-print online shop. During upload, print files are now automatically checked for missing fonts, images with too low a resolution and transparencies. In the administration backend you can easily define which attributes you want to check and how you want to proceed when a problem was found: So either the user is only warned and can continue ordering or he or she has to quit the order. The preflight information is displayed to the user during the whole order process (e.g. settings page, checkout page) and is submitted together with the order information, so the Print operator is also informed about included faults.

Document preview and schematic print preview

After they have uploaded their print files, your users can check them in a preview with variable zoom modes. Then they define the print settings like punching, stapling and paper type supported by a schematic preview. This preview outlines all settings and helps your users to recognize wrong settings and to avoid misprints.

Instant online quotation of prices and VAT

Screenshot: Shopping cart with calculated prices and VAT

During the order process, prices for all order items and for delivery are displayed to your users. If the user changes the order (by choosing another amount of copies or another product, for example), the price also changes immediately. A reload of the page is not necessary. Before your users submit their orders, they see all order items together with prices, delivery and VAT displayed on one final page. The VAT (Value added tax) rate can be added to every price list in the web-to-print online shop. You can specify a global VAT rate valid for all products in one price list. If some products require a lower or a higher VAT rate, you can adjust this by setting up a different VAT rate to the single product.

Clearly arranged order history for your users

The order history of the web-to-print online shop gives your users an quick overview about all orders they placed. Here they can check the current status of ongoing orders, they can have a look on order details or print out the order confirmation.



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