AccurioPro Flux



How-tos are short instructions that help you set up your installation optimally.

We show you how to use AccurioPro Flux most efficiently and how to further reduce manual work steps by learning some tips and tricks.

Available instructions

  • Flux Raster Editor: Delete, move and rotate scanned image content
    A typical problem: Punching holes or staples were scanned with the document and need to be removed. Sometimes elements in the original file are not arranged as needed and must be rotated or moved after scanning. We show you how to do it.
  • Flux Raster Editor: Enhance scanned documents automatically
    When scanning, typical problems occur on a regular basis: Misaligned documents, dirty scanner glass or too pale scans. Learn how to fix these issues by using the Flux Raster Editor.
  • Flux Raster Editor: Insert text and logo
    You would like to add text and images to scanned documents? No problem. The Flux Raster Editor offers the required functions.
  • Usage of PDF page boxes
    PDF files can contain different page boxes and each page box can comprise a different page area. We show you how to use AccurioPro Flux to control the usage of page boxes in order to print only the page content that the selected box includes.
  • Printing borderless booklets by using PDF page boxes
    The print file for a booklet contains a subject that is to be printed to the edge of the page. Learn how to produce borderless brochures using the right PDF page box and a dedicated signature.
  • Filtering the job list: My jobs which are due today
    So many orders – but which do I have to finish today? We'll show you how to create a filter that shows you only the jobs that have been assigned to you and that you have to complete on the current day.
  • Settings for serial letters – It’s that easy
    Typically the print settings in serial letters are repeated with each letter in the file. Learn how to transfer the settings for one letter quickly and easily to the remaining letters.
  • Printing invitation cards (DIN long with bleed) as multi-up job
    Your customer delivers an urgent print job: 600 invitation cards, DIN long, printed double-sided, with bleed. We will show you how you can quickly and cost-effectively produce the print job using a pre-defined multi-up signature.
  • Borderless printing from source documents without bleed
    You know these situations: Your customer is delivering a PDF file, which is to be printed to the edge – but there is no bleed included in the file. We will show you how you can produce this print job without additional manual work steps by using a customized signature to add a bleed area.