AccurioPro Flux



How-tos are short instructions that help you set up your installation optimally.

We show you how to use AccurioPro Flux most efficiently and how to further reduce manual work steps by learning some tips and tricks.

Managing print jobs

  • Combining print jobs
    It probably happens on a regular basis: Your customers provide various files and want you to combine them into one document and print them. AccurioPro Flux offers several ways to combine multiple files into one print job.
  • Filtering the job list: My jobs which are due today
    So many orders – but which do I have to finish today? We'll show you how to create a filter that shows you only the jobs that have been assigned to you and that you have to complete on the current day.

Impositioning & Make-ready

Color management

Numbering & Barcodes

  • Quick and easy: Numbering tickets (→ Video)
    Tickets with a consecutive numbering are usually used for events. Often the numbers are printed on the tickets in plain text and as barcode. We will show you how you can easily generate a large number of numbered tickets from a single ticket.
  • Number carbonless copies as a set (→ Video)
    Carbonless copies often consist of several sheets that form a set. Learn how to number the sets consecutively and how to have the same number within a set.

Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Usage of PDF page boxes

  • Usage of PDF page boxes
    PDF files can contain different page boxes and each page box can comprise a different page area. We show you how to use AccurioPro Flux to control the usage of page boxes in order to print only the page content that the selected box includes.
  • Printing borderless booklets by using PDF page boxes
    The print file for a booklet contains a subject that is to be printed to the edge of the page. Learn how to produce borderless brochures using the right PDF page box in just a few steps.

Flux Raster Editor