AccurioPro Compile


Save print projects and reuse them at any time

Illustration: Reuse of saved print projects

The compilation of PDF files, tab sheets with their labels, the position of the slip sheets, the print settings for documents and deviant print settings for individual PDF files, simply everything that you have defined in your print project, is saved and can be retrieved at any time.

Always up-to-date content

Illustration: Files are always up-to-date

It is no problem if the content of your documents change. Perform the changes in the source documents. Save the PDF files again in the same place under the same name and the entire document is already available in the up-to-date version within your print project.

Distributed work

Illustration: Multiple authors can work on one project

If several authors are working on one print project, the authors can maintain their contents independently of each other and make them available as PDF files. In AccurioPro Compile you can compile PDF files from a large variety of sources into one final document.

Save project structure as templates

Illustration: Save project structure as template

If your print projects always have the same structure, you can save your project structure as template. Then you only have to fill the template with the current content. Or maintain the content that you want to use in several documents centrally in one place and integrate them as a PDF file in the individual documents.

Customized documentation

Illustration: Select only single files for printing

Create customized documentation. Select from a print project only those files that you want to compile individually for a customer as new documentation. So you can respond to individual customer requests.

Mixed formats

Illustration: Mix of different formats

If your print project consists of PDF files with different paper formats, you can select whether these formats are to be retained for the output or scaled to a specified output format.

Professional print projects

Screenshot: Project with tab and slip sheets

If required, you can insert tab sheets into your print project and print individual labels on the tabs. You can also insert slip sheets. By this means you can seperate different topics or you can insert already printed documents.

Convenient editing of projects

You can open the settings window and the preview in own windows

Create complex print projects fast and comfortably. Add PDF files via drag & drop to your print project, check all files in the preview and adjust all settings in the sidebar. The clearly arranged and intuitive user interface will support you.