dots Software

dots Software

Software solutions for digital production printing

We develop software solutions for print service providers as well as for in-house print shops in public administrations, universities and corporations.

Our applications optimize and automate the prepress process and the management of print jobs. They simplify the work in the team and enable the fast and easy submission of print jobs to the print room.

Made in Berlin

dots software products are almost 100% "made in Berlin". This means that besides the software development itself, the user interface design and prototyping, testing and quality assurance, technical writing and packaging are all done by the staff at dots. This allows for speedy, iterative development and simultaneous quality assurance and documentation. Only the localization of our products is done externally.

We are part of the Konica Minolta family

dots Software was founded in 1997 in Berlin Kreuzberg. Since 2005 we are part of Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH. Through their national organizations, our products are now available throughout Europe, the USA, Australia, Japan, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

With the backup of a global corporation we can focus on our essential mission: Developing innovative software solutions for digital printing.


Katsuji Kondo

He keeps in touch with Konica Minolta software development worldwide and integrates dots into this global context.

Elke Westermann

Head of Finance, Marketing & HR
Elegantly juggles with figures & job postings and professionally markets our products.

Michael Flüh

Head of Development
His profession is product development: from initial concept to final implementation.

Sebastian Tauber

Head of Customer Service
He is in charge of support, customization projects and trainings. But first and foremost he is a problem solver.

Christina Mertes

Head of QA
Always hunting for bugs – with a keen sense and persistency for finding all of them.

We're hiring

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We are a team of 30 highly qualified colleagues from all over the world speaking 5 different languages. So we mainly communicate in German and English. The hierarchy is flat: four teams, four team leaders. That's it.