dots Software


How we work

We develop software using bleeding edge technologies and agile processes. We commited ourselves to Kanban as the method of our choice. We are doing a good deal more than pure development: QA, support, customization, documentation, localization, marketing and packaging.

We have an international team speaking 5 languages. So we mainly communicate in German and English.

Our principles: transparency, flat hierarchy, rapid decision making

And sometimes we just leave the office for adventurous bike tours in summer and ice skating in winter.

That is what you can expect:

  • agile processes
  • flat hierarchy
  • rapid decision making
  • flexible hours
  • no overtime

Welcome to Berlin Kreuzberg

Berlin is one of the liveliest and most inspiring cities in Europe. Kreuzberg is its creative center. That's where we work. In an old factory floor overlooking the river Spree and a vibrant infrastructure of bars, clubs and restaurants in the neighborhood. Our office is light and spacious, offers peace and quiet for concentrated work and soothing views across the water.

8 reasons why you should work at dots

4 primary reasons

  1. A challenging task: Enhancing unique products we have been continously working on for more than ten years now.
  2. Working within an agile team and benefit from its principles: Transparency and constant evaluation of features and requests
  3. Small teams: Fast decisions, clear feedback
  4. Flexible hours: Our working hours support your work-life balance and are family friendly. While our hours are flexible, our work week is rigid. We will not burden you with late hours or weekends.

4 further reasons...

  1. Charming colleagues from all over the world
  2. Nice lunch breaks with dozens of cafés, bistros, restaurants and bakeries just around the corner
  3. Our traditional kicker tournaments
  4. The view over the river: in the morning, in the evening, in summer, in winter – always beautiful