Speculative application

We are always looking for talented and motivated people

The main focus of our company is software development, so we are always looking for gifted developers. But we don't stop here:

Quality assucance is an essential part of the development process. That's why we always need devoted software testers who would love to hunt down bugs.

After the release the support takes over. Support is especially important in our case where software interacts with hardware: We operate in the digital printing market, so our software communicates with printers. Our support team makes sure the communication is successful and they also customize our software to indiviual customer needs.

Finally we also take care of documentation and localization which are important anywhere but more so in Europe with 27 official languages. We support 18 of them.

And did we already mention marketing?

Or packaging?

You see, plenty to do here with different qualifications needed. Even if there is no vacancy open right know we appreciate your application if you wish to work with us. Just follow the link below to send us your application and CV via email.