dots Software opens a new web-to-print demo shop

Web-to-Print: dots Software opens a new demo shop – no registration required!

Berlin, May 8th 2013

Berlin based dots Software GmbH completely overhauled its Web-to-Print solution Printgroove JT Web 5 and opened a free demo shop with immediate effect. The demo shop is open to all visitors without registration:

Web-to-Print: Usability is a customer service

Over the years, dots software GmbH has continuously improved the web-to-print software towards usability – the order process now takes just four simple steps. User input that modifies the print product is displayed in a schematic preview. The price also constantly adapts to user input without page reloads. As a result of the order process the print room receives an already imposed PDF file plus a Jobticket containing all order and print information. This data can either be automatically processed by the dots print job management solution (Printgroove JT Man 5) or handed over to other applications. In both cases the PDF is printable to any device with Postscript support (Level 2). The print room informs the user continuously on the website's dashboard about the order status.

Web-to-Print: Automatic proof of print quality and an always up-to-date price display

The Web-to-Print Demo Shop is available after login. We populate the login form with arbitrary data, registration is not required. Visitors can choose between eight different user interfaces. They are then directed to their dashboard after login and start the order process without further ado. To do so the visitor selects the desired product, like a brochure with glue binding, and uploads their* PDF document(s) to the server. Upon import the document is checked for errors which could affect print quality. In a zoomable preview the visitor now examines the document and subsequently selects settings like paper type and color, duplex and finishing options. How these settings affect the document and the price is always displayed. The visitor, now a customer, finishes the order process when they are completely satisfied with the result.

Visitors of the demo shop can make a free appointment without any obligation to tour the backend (just requires a web browser). The web-to-print team is happy to answer further questions and explain during the tour how products, users and prices are configured. The demo shop supports the formats PDF and Postscript. The full version also offers support of additional formats (like MS Office).

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