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AccurioPro Compile released: Compile & print documentation easily

AccurioPro Compile makes the compilation and printing of extensive documentation a breeze. It is the successor of Printgroove JT Compile, which now comes with new branding.

When is AccurioPro Compile the right solution?

AccurioPro Compile is the ideal solution when printing:

  • Documentation
  • Manuals
  • Training material
  • Annual reports
  • Sales reports

Use it to print large projects that you need to compile and structure from multiple documents.

Example: Manuals

Operating instructions are often made up of several documents in different languages, which are combined into a manual, with the individual sections separated by tab sheets or slip sheets. With AccurioPro Compile, you can set up such a print project with just a few clicks.

Since the application always retrieves the individual documents from their location at startup, you automatically print the latest document version, even if the documents have been edited in the meantime. This saves you a lot of manual exchange work. This is particularly suitable for print jobs that you print repeatedly.

New features

The new version of AccurioPro Compile has been thoroughly revised and modernized, especially with regard to user guidance and the underlying technology.

A selection of new features:

  • Preflight: Documents are checked automatically during import
  • Presets: Often used settings can be saved
  • Documents can be printed as brochures
  • The paper catalog of the printer can be retrieved
  • Better overview of the papers available in the trays of the device
  • Projects can be saved as PDF files
  • Improved previews

You will find more information about the features and a video, in which you can see the most important functions in action, on our dedicated product website.

Curious? Request a demo version!

You can test AccurioPro Compile for 30 days free of charge and without any obligation.

Visit our product site (where you will find a lot of further information) and complete the form.

Request demo version

An employee of Konica Minolta will then contact you and provide you with a demo version.