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AccurioPro Flux: New major version 8.0 released

In the new version of AccurioPro Flux we have made fundamental conceptual and technological changes. The workflow for preparing documents for printing has been optimized and made much more flexible. When using Premium/Ultimate, it is also possible to work directly in the browser.


New import and imposition concept

The newly designed import and imposition concept is the highlight of the new version.

AccurioPro Flux has always been particularly effective when working with pre-configured print products such as brochures or business cards. By selecting the right product, you can create a print-ready file with a single click.

This time, however, the focus was on quickly setting up print jobs that do not comply with the standard and for which therefore no preconfigured print product can be used. The goal was to provide a flexible workflow that would allow you to impose and print such jobs just as quickly.

The new import therefore provides you with many functions from the start that you could previously only use after the import. In addition, completely new functions such as imposition by rows and columns and an optimization function simplify the arrangement of pages on the sheet. You can quickly create new paper formats on the fly. A precise preview and a preflight function enable you to check the print data. Last but not least, you can submit the job immediately to the printer.

Work directly in your browser

The biggest technical innovation in AccurioPro Flux Premium and AccurioPro Flux Ultimate is the possibility to completely do without a locally installed application (Flux Workstation) and work directly in the browser.

Almost all functions from the Flux Workstation are now available in parallel on the central Flux Server, so that you can edit print jobs directly in the browser and, of course, submit them to the printer.

This gives you much more flexibility in the way you work: All you need is a browser and you can access AccurioPro Flux from any PC and, for the first time, from your Mac or mobile device.

Integration of other software solutions

The integration of AccurioPro Flux into existing infrastructures and workflows and the connection to existing software solutions is an important issue for many customers.

AccurioPro Flux now enables bi-directional communication with external systems via its publicly accessible API. Existing web shops, MIS or ERP systems can be connected to transfer print jobs to AccurioPro Flux and exchange the current job status.

Overview of new functions

Here are the most important new features at a glance:

Highlights in AccurioPro Flux Essential

  • New import concept for flexible setup of print jobs
  • New imposition functions: Impose by rows & columns including optimization function, new scaling and positioning functions
  • Enhanced functions for text fields
  • Cover sheets: Define a dedicated paper for the cover sheet and whether to print page content on them
  • Hot folder monitoring can be easily enabled or disabled

Highlights in AccurioPro Flux Premium

  • Work in the browser on PC, Mac or mobile device
  • API for connecting third-party solutions
  • New preflight functions with Flux Preflight Pro: Multiple profiles can be applied one after the other during import
  • The work steps used to represent the order status can be completely customized and adapted to the respective requirements
  • New user rights to better differentiate between different user roles

Install the upgrade

The upgrade is available at your local Konica Minolta partner.

If you have a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP), the upgrade to version 8.0 is free of charge.

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