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AccurioPro Flux: New major version 9.0 released

Creating VDP print files in AccurioPro Flux

Personalized print documents can now be created easily

The new major version of AccurioPro Flux offers the possibility to create print files with variable data. There is also now the chance to purchase a new option designed specifically for printing labels. In addition, the newly designed login page of the web shop allows you to inform your customer about your services before they sign in.

Creating print files with variable data (VDP)

A common requirement is the personalization of print products, i.e. adding individual names, addresses, and also barcodes or QR codes.

AccurioPro Flux now offers the possibility to add a CSV file with variable data to a job. The data can be placed on the page using placeholders in a text field or in the form of a barcode or QR code.

Use this feature to quickly and conveniently personalize print documents without having to resort to additional VDP software.

Option for label printing

The new Flux Label Impose option has been specially developed for Konica Minolta's digital label printers. It allows you to prepare labels for printing on web presses in just a few steps, including imposition and personalization.

Die lines as well as other layers in the artworks are automatically detected and can be exported separately. You can add register marks and position them flexibly to align the printed labels during further processing. Save the finished layout as a template and use it for subsequent jobs. This makes it easy to reuse existing die cutting tools.

Integrate label printing into your workflow with this option.

Improved support for finishing devices

Each finishing device has specific requirements to process printed files correctly. They often require marks of a specific type, as well as very flexible positioning of these marks. In addition, in order for the device to recognize the first and last sheets of the job, the marks must be placed at different positions on the respective sheets.

To meet these requirements, you can now add the required number of register marks at the required positions and specify for each register mark on which sheet side it should be printed.

New types of register marks are also available (e.g. circle, cross) and you can define a quiet zone so that the scanner on the finishing device can read the register mark without any problems.

Web shop: Attractive and flexibly designable login page

We have redesigned the web shop login page so that you can inform your customers about your services even before they sign in.

Customize the content of the login page by integrating different content types, such as an image gallery, videos, products, images and text, which you can arrange flexibly.

Also add contact information, social media links, and a cookie notice.

Overview of new functions

  • Personalization of print data (VDP)
  • Add images as page content
  • Mirror page content
  • Improved support for finishing devices
  • New signatures optimized for Morgana AutoCut Pro
  • Backup function to save the configuration of AccurioPro Flux
  • Flux Label Impose (option): Prepare labels for printing
  • Flux Multi Seat (option): Now available for AccurioPro Flux Essential. Add a maximum of two additional operators for a total of three people working with AccurioPro Flux.
  • Flux Preflight Pro (option): Already available for AccurioPro Flux Essential

Exclusively in AccurioPro Flux Premium / Ultimate:

  • Flux XML Connector (option): Role-based jobs can now additionally be imported with an XML hot folder

Exclusively in AccurioPro Flux Ultimate:

  • Redesigned login page
  • Technology change: Switch from Apache to Node.js

In addition to the functions mentioned here, we implemented many other smaller innovations and improvements. A look at the new version is definitely worthwhile!

Install the update

Contact your local Konica Minolta partner for support in updating to the latest version of AccurioPro Flux!

The update to version 9.0 is free of charge with a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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