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AccurioPro Flux: Version 7.6 released

AccurioPro Flux: Product change in the job editor

A new option is available in this new version of AccurioPro Flux: Flux Preflight Pro. It makes preflighting and correcting incoming print data even easier. But there are also many new features in the make-ready part to discover.

The newly released version 7.6 of AccurioPro Flux is as always packed with new features.

Flux Preflight Pro

In this version, we have put the emphasis on the topic of automatic data correction and now offer the new option Flux Preflight Pro, which can be purchased additionally.

This option integrates the preflight technology of the pdfToolbox from callas, a leading company for automatic PDF processing, completely and seamlessly into AccurioPro Flux. The preflight profiles of the pdfToolbox are thus available within Flux without the need for an additional software solution. Incoming print files can be automatically checked and corrected to avoid later printing problems.

Flexible editing of print jobs

Also, the more flexible editing of print jobs was a high priority. That's why we added direct access from the make-ready part to the configuration, so that changes can be saved and used for subsequent jobs.

Specifications for products in the webshop

Last but not least, the new version also offers new options for the configuration of products in the webshop. From now on, specifications can be stored both for the order quantity as well as for the number of pages of the uploaded documents. For example, minimum and / or maximum order quantities can be defined or it is possible to specify predefined quantities. The same is possible for the number of document pages.

The aim is to avoid unprofitable orders, to minimize production costs, and to take account of production limits with regard to the scope of the documents, e.g. a maximum number of pages for adhesive bound booklets.

Overview about new features

In the following, we have listed the new functions, arranged according to their availability in the three product variants of AccurioPro Flux.

AccurioPro Flux Essential | Flux Premium | Flux Ultimate

New supported devices

  • Support of AccurioPress C6100/C6085 with IC-604, IC-313H or IC-415H
  • Support of the Creo controller IC-314 for AccurioPrint/AccurioPress C2060/2070 series

Make ready

  • Product can be changed in the job editor
  • Save current job settings as new product in the job editor
  • Create new signatures on the fly in the job editor
  • Access the configuration from within the job editor


  • Customized print products for the US market
  • Additional preflight warning for secured PDF files
  • New warning for password-protected PDF files

AccurioPro Flux Premium | Flux Ultimate

  • New option: Flux Preflight Pro

AccurioPro Flux Ultimate

Product configuration

  • Limit number of document pages per product
  • Limit order quantity per product

Flux Multi Shop

  • Assign multiple user groups to one portal (= shop)
  • Assign one user group to multiple portals
  • Each shop can have its individual dashboard
  • Each shop can have individual pages for legal notes, privacy and terms & conditions

Install the update

The update is available at your local Konica Minolta partner. If you have a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP), the upgrade to version 7.6 is free of charge.

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