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AccurioPro Flux: Version 7.8 released

New job import in version 7.8 of AccurioPro Flux

For the new version of AccurioPro Flux we have completely redesigned the job import and added new imposition schemes. PDF page boxes contained in print files can now be controlled directly in Flux and the job information can also be changed after submission.


Newly designed job import

The highlight of the new version is the completely redesigned job import in the Flux Workstation.

We have split the import dialog into three steps, which you can individually hide as needed to shorten and speed up the import. At the end of the import process, you can switch to the order list as before, or you can immediately open the job in the editor to continue processing the job seamlessly.

In addition, we have added a Quick Import feature where you can define presets so that you do not have to fill in any job ticket during the import. This is a new and the fastest way to import files.

Flexible usage of PDF page boxes

In previous versions, PDF page boxes contained in print files (e.g. trim box, crop box, media box) have been detected and applied automatically. Now you can decide for each print product individually and flexibly per job which page box to use. This for example allows printing crop marks contained in a file if they are needed for further processing rather than automatically cropping the file to the trim box as it was done before.

Changing job information

It often happens that job information must be changed after the submission to the print room, either because the delivery date needs to be changed, account information must be added or an address is incomplete. The operator can now make these changes quickly and easily. In order to track all changes, they are documented in the order history. In addition, a modified version of the jobticket is created while the original jobticket is still available.

Overview of new functions

Here are the most important new features at a glance:

Job management     

  • Newly designed job import     
  • Job information can be changed by the operator after submission
  • In the order history more information than before are documented

Imposition & Make-ready     

  • The new imposition schemes Step & repeat II and Cross fold II have been added and existing schemes have been improved     
  • PDF page boxes (trim box, crop box, media box) can now be used flexibly

Flux Raster Editor     

  • A transparent color can be set for images
  • The editor can be managed with newly added keyboard shortcuts

Paper and color management     

  • Color profiles can be assigned to papers in the paper catalog
  • The tray information is displayed for papers available in the printer

Machine support     

  • The AccurioPress C3080 / C3070 series is now supported     
  • The AccurioPress 6136/6120 series is now supported     
  • Support for AccurioPrint C759     
  • Support for the Creo IC-314 controller for the AccurioPress C6100/C6085 series     
  • Support for the Fiery MIC-4150 controller for bizhub PRESS 1250/1052

Install update

The update is available at your local Konica Minolta partner. If you have a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP), the upgrade to version 7.8 is free of charge.

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