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AccurioPro Flux: Version 7.8.2 released (Service release)

New in AccurioPro Flux: The crop box is visible in the Flux Raster Editor

The service release adds support for additional controllers and new functions for the Flux Raster Editor option, which allows you to edit scanned documents and image files.

New in version 7.8.2

Controller support

  • Fiery controllers IC-313 V2.0 and IC-417 V2.0 for the AccurioPress/AccurioPrint C2070 series
  • Fiery controllers IC-313M V2.0 and IC-417M V2.0 for the AccurioPress C3080 series
  • Fiery controllers IC-313H V2.0 and IC-315H V2.0 for the AccurioPress C6100 series

Flux Raster Editor

Information about indexed colors

When you edit a document with an indexed color space in Flux Raster Editor, this information is displayed in order to avoid confusion that the document's color mode cannot be changed.

Visible crop box

The current crop box is displayed in the Flux Raster Editor. Now you can see at a glance whether all objects are still within the area that will be visible on the printout.

Shift objects by mm/in instead of pixel

Previously, the values for moving and scaling objects and for the positioning of guides were specified in pixels. Now the selected standard unit in Flux (e.g. millimeters) is used instead, so that you can better estimate the actual changes in the printout.

Move objects by a predefined value

We added the possibility to predefine a value by which an object is shifted when using arrow buttons or arrow keys. That means you can move objects in bigger or smaller shifts according to the current needs.

Updating your installation

The update is available at your local Konica Minolta partner.

If you have a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP), the update to version 7.8.2 is free of charge.

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