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AccurioPro Flux: Version 8.2 released

Automated chapter creation is here!

Version 8.2 focuses on enhancements in make-ready. Automated chapter creation and special imposition schemes optimized for cut-sheet cutting machines ensure even faster and more efficient prepress.


Automated chapter creation, including labelled tab sheets

Printers of training materials, manuals, and anything with chapter divisions will appreciate the new chapter functionality.

  • Create chapters automatically using the bookmarks contained in the document.
  • If print jobs consist of several merged documents, create chapters based on the individual files.
  • Insert tab sheets automatically between chapters and label them with the bookmarks or document titles in just one step. 
  • Quickly move or remove entire chapters as needed and set individual print settings per chapter.

As a result, you will spend less time preparing and have more time for other tasks.

Imposition schemes optimized for cut-sheet cutting machines

Many print shops use cut-sheet cutting machines that do not cut printed sheets in stacks, but sheet by sheet or rather motif by motif. A typical use case are business cards, which are cut card by card and then stacked on top of each other.

Special imposition schemes, now available in AccurioPro Flux, are necessary to ensure that the finished stacks are sorted by motif or alternatively that numbered VDP jobs are stacked in the correct order.

They empower you to combine different designs on one sheet arranged in columns or rows. For example, you can arrange three business cards in three columns on the sheet. After printing and cutting the cards can be removed from the cutter in three stacks.

For VDP jobs, additional imposition schemes have been implemented to ensure that numbered tickets are in the correct order after cutting and stacking.

Web-based hot folders

Hot folders are a quick and convenient way to submit documents to the print room. However, they require users to be granted access to the appropriate network folders, which can be tedious and time-consuming. Additionaly, frequent challenges can occur when using multiple operative systems (e.g. Mac, Linux).

All new web-based hot folder now provide an even easier way to transfer files!

AccurioPro Flux offers the option to make hot folders available on a web page. Users access these in browsers of their choice and upload documents quickly and easily. There is no need for a user account, nor user specific access permissions.

With web-based hot folders, we have streamlined an even easier way to deliver files to your print room.

Overview of new functions

  • Chapter creation
  • Conversion of regular document pages into tab sheets
  • Printing of tab sheets
  • New imposition schemes optimized for cut-sheet cutting machines
  • Web-based hot folders
  • Automatic deletion of old print jobs
  • New improvements in the Flux Raster Editor
  • New supported devices

Exclusive to AccurioPro Flux Premium / Ultimate:

  • Quick import in the browser
  • Easily accessible and convenient API configuration

Install the update

Contact your local Konica Minolta partner for support in updating to the latest version of AccurioPro Flux!

The upgrade to version 8.2 is free of charge with a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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