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AccurioPro Flux: Version 8.4 released

The new version offers a unified user interface both in the installed workstation and when accessed via the browser

The now available version 8.4 has a completely redesigned user interface, new useful make-ready features and new document conversion options that can be purchased separately.


Numbering options for creating uniquely identifiable documents

Barcodes are often used for identification purposes in printed documents such as admission tickets, which must be unique so that they cannot be used twice. These barcodes usually contain a combination of text and a sequential number, so that the content of each ticket is different.

In AccurioPro Flux, it is now possible to apply such a combination of text and sequential numbering directly or as a barcode to a page. Leading zeros can be added if required. Combined with the existing imposition and duplication functions, a single blank ticket can be transformed with a few clicks into a print-ready sheet with optimally arranged tickets, each of which has an individual barcode.

An additional VDP solution is now no longer necessary for this simple way of individualizing print documents.

Bleed-edge tabs for the creation of registers

AccurioPro Flux has for many years offered the possibility of working with tab sheets. A typical use case are training folders where tab sheets are used to separate topics.

In other areas, however, such as the printing of user manuals or books, it is not practical to work with protruding tabs. Instead, the tab is added as page content and so-called bleed-edge tabs are created. These are visible on the closed book's edge and make it easier to find the sections you are looking for.

These bleed-edge tabs can now be easily created in AccurioPro Flux. They can be created manually or based on the bookmarks in the document. If several documents were combined into one print job during import, bleed-edge tabs can also be created based on the individual documents. The titles of the bookmarks or documents are automatically added as register labels if required. There are a variety of formatting options that can also be customized for individual tabs, for example to create a multi-colored register.

Improved print client for sending print jobs to the print room

If our software is used in corporations, administrations or universities with a central print room, the Flux Printer is an often used tool. The Flux Printer is a print client that is installed locally and enables users (e.g. employees and teachers) to send their print jobs directly to the central print room.

In version 8.4, the Flux Printer is equipped with a modern user interface and additional functions. Users see a preview of the print product, which helps to avoid errors, and several documents can even be submitted collectively with the option to merge them into one document.

To integrate users with MacOS into the workflow who cannot install the Windows-based client, the Flux Printer can now also be used in the browser.

And last but not least, there is the possibility to connect an existing user database via LDAP. This has the advantage that users can log in with their familiar credentials and existing address data and cost center information is used, which minimizes the risk of accounting errors.

New options for document conversion

In addition to the new standard functions mentioned above, version 8.4 offers two additional document conversion options that can be purchased separately.

Flux Document Converter – Operator Option

This option allows direct import of Office documents without the need to convert them to PDF format first. Direct import via hot folders is also possible.

This option simplifies the daily work of operators who receive Word or PowerPoint files from users and who want to process them just as quickly and easily as PDF files.

Flux Document Converter – Customer Option

This option allows customers to upload Office documents directly to the webshop or to send them using the Flux Printer in the browser.

Print shops thus increase the user-friendliness for their customers.

Overview of new functions

  • Unified and improved user interface with additional layout options
  • Numbering function
  • Automated creation and range programming of chapters
  • Creation of bleed-edge tabs
  • Separate print queues per printer with additional functions
  • Flux Document Converter – Operator Option

Exclusively in AccurioPro Flux Premium / Ultimate:

  • Flux Document Converter – Customer Option
  • Improved Flux Printer with new functions
  • Performing a preflight check at a later time
  • New API function: FTP Connector

In addition to the functions mentioned here, we implemented many other smaller innovations and improvements. A look at the new version is definitely worthwhile!

Install the update

Contact your local Konica Minolta partner for support in updating to the latest version of AccurioPro Flux!

The update to version 8.4 is free of charge with a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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