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AccurioPro Flux: Version 8.4.2 released (Service release)

Service release for AccurioPro Flux available

This service release supports the latest Konica Minolta printing systems. It also includes minor enhancements to existing features as well as a number of bug-fixes to ensure optimal use of AccurioPro Flux.

New in version 8.4.2

Newly supported printing systems

  • bizhub PRO 1100e

Newly supported controllers

  • IC-317 (EFI) for the AccurioPress C4080 series
  • IC-419 (EFI) for the AccurioPress C4080 series
  • IC-318H (EFI) for the AccurioPress C14000 series
  • IC-319H (EFI) for the AccurioPress C14000 series
  • IC-420 (EFI) for the bizhub C750i series

Further device support

  • Flux Panel can now be used with Konica Minolta controllers IC-610 and IC-609
  • Support of IQ-501 Auto Inspection technolgie: The settings for this unit are now available in the printer settings within AccurioPro Flux

Functional improvements

  • Preview in the job list: Double-clicking on the small preview in the job list now opens the large preview quickly and easily. The preview type (page or sheet preview) that was already selected in the small preview is displayed. Even when switching between jobs in the job list, the preview type that was last selected is always displayed to avoid unnecessary clicks.
  • Download of print files: The file type (print file, working file, original file) that was selected during the last download is now always preselected to improve the usability.
  • Job list folders: The properties of each folder in the job list can now be checked again via the context menu.

Fixed bugs


  • The displayed page size was based on the media box instead of the trim box
  • Importing a PDF file with a large number of bookmarks failed

Job list

  • Very slow opening and editing of jobs under certain conditions
  • Settings got applied to the wrong job when another job was selected very quickly
  • Unwanted automatic scrolling to the selected folder in the job list

Job editor

  • Selecting multiple pages using Shift or Command on Mac failed
  • When opening the jobticket as a PDF file, it was not displayed directly in the browser but had to be saved first


  • Work steps: Changing the color for work steps failed because the edit window was not in the visible page area
  • Price list: Saving VAT with decimal values was not possible if French or Canadian French was selected as language
  • Jobticket settings: When selecting a printer for the jobticket, "Same as job" could not be selected
  • After adding a third-party printer PPD, the installable options and printer options were not available
  • After adding the Chinese version of a third-party printer PPD, the localization in AccurioPro Flux was incorrect
  • After adding a PPD for a third-party black-and-white printer, the printer was incorrectly configured as a color printer


  • The display of the number of printed sheet sides in the print queue differed from previous program versions
  • Printing error when the account under which the Flux Server service was running contained special characters
  • Printing errors and JavaScript errors under certain conditions

Printer settings

  • Entering decimal values in the trimming settings was not possible
  • The selection of the trimmer profile in AccurioPro Flux was not correctly applied in AccurioPro Print Manager
  • The bypass tray was not available in the settings for the Perfect Binder on the controllers IC-604 and IC-605
  • The tray setting "Auto" did not work as expected for office devices
  • Color management: Printing error when switching to manual color management settings and using "By paper" as printer profile on controllers IC-609 and IC-610

Flux Raster Editor

  • Rectangular selection was still active after deleting page content
  • Copy & paste of large page content did not work


  • Integration services (API): For jobs received via the API, the job information contained the incorrect indication "Sent from: Hot Folder"
  • Flux did not start when the "settings.default.json" was changed in order to hide version information on the dashboard
  • Monitoring database: The database contained unused papers that were part of the initial product configuration but were later deleted during job editing

Update your installation

Contact your local Konica Minolta partner to obtain the latest update.

Version 8.4.2 is provided free with a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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