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AccurioPro Flux: Version 9.0.2 released (Service release)

Service Release for AccurioPro Flux available

This service release supports the latest Konica Minolta printing system AccurioPrint 2100. It also includes minor enhancements to existing features as well as a number of bug-fixes to ensure optimal use of AccurioPro Flux.

New in version 9.0.2

New supported device

New supported operating system

  • Windows 11

Functional improvements

  • USPS Intelligent Mail barcode
    The USPS Intelligent Mail barcode (for domestic mail delivery in the US) was added as new barcode type.
  • Privacy-enhanced mode for embedded YouTube videos (Flux Ultimate only)
    When embedding a YouTube video on the login page of the web shop, it will from now on be embedded by default in the privacy-enhanced mode that YouTube offers as an option.This way, YouTube won’t store any information about visitors to your site unless they watch the video.

Fixed bugs

Fixed major bugs

  • Saving jobs with large CSV files no longer causes problems.
  • When printing PDF files with PostScript printing technology, the printout was incomplete under certain conditions. This problem is fixed.
  • Flux Web: When users ordered multiple print jobs at once and some jobs contained multiple files, under certain conditions they were not submitted correctly to Flux Server. This issue no longer occurs.

Furthermore, many other smaller bugs have been fixed.

Update your installation

Contact your local Konica Minolta partner for support in updating to the latest version of AccurioPro Flux!

The update to version 9.0.2 is free of charge with a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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