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AccurioPro Flux: Version 9.2 released

Creation of cutting profiles in AccurioPro Flux

In version 9.2, profiles can be created for the TU-510 inline trimming unit

The newly released version 9.2 offers improved integration of Konica Minolta's own finishers as well as third-party finishers. With enhanced job tracking, printers have a better overview of their production.


Profile creation for the TU-510 Inline Trimming Unit

The TU-510 is an innovative inline trimming unit that allows you to cut, crease and perforate printed sheets, from small business cards to oversized long sheets.

AccurioPro Flux offers a new user-friendly editor that lets you create profiles for this unit. The layout of the print jobs is automatically adjusted to the selected profile and can be previewed before printing.

In just a few steps, you can thus create a print job that is not only printed on your production printer, but also immediately finished inline.

Variable data inspection during printing

The Auto Inspection technology of the IQ-501 developed by Konica Minolta in combination with the variable data extension (UK-312) enables print shops to automatically inspect printed sheets during printing and ensure that the printed variable data matches the sent data.

In AccurioPro Flux, this feature can now be easily set up. You can specify for each text field, barcode and QR code whether the variable content should be checked during printing. If there are any discrepancies, a report is generated.

This means you no longer have to invest time in a manual visual inspection.

Job tracking via QR code using a mobile device

Improved and enhanced job tracking ensures that you can track the status of a print job throughout the entire production workflow.

At the various stations (printing, cutting, packaging), the status of the job can be set or changed only by scanning a barcode with a mobile device.

An easy-to-use workflow that gives you a better overview of your production.

Automation by saving range settings

If you regularly print jobs with specific page settings that you previously set manually per job, you can automate your workflow with this new feature.

For example, after you set up a job with slip sheets, tab sheets, text boxes, barcodes, and different paper types, you can save these settings as a product to use for future jobs.

This saves time and helps avoid mistakes. 

Hot folders for label print jobs

Customers using our Flux Label Impose label printing option can now benefit from automated import using hot folders.

By linking a hot folder to a roll-to-roll signature and assigning printer settings, a paper type and a run length, label jobs can be imported automatically. The result is a print-ready job that can be produced immediately.

Overview of new functions

  • Profile creation for the TU-510 inline trimming unit
  • Variable data inspection during printing
  • Adding individual register marks to integrate offline finishers
  • Support for the AccurioPress 6272P production printer
  • Print to file: Easily add different destination folders and set custom naming convention for the created PDF files
  • Flux Label Impose: Hot folders for label print jobs

Exclusively in AccurioPro Flux Premium / Ultimate:

  • Job tracking via QR code using a mobile device
  • Automation by saving range settings
  • Detection and export of spot colors in PDF format, as a TIFF file for MGI JetVarnish devices, and in SVG format for Motioncutter
  • Secondary non-production license for setting up a secondary installation in which you can test settings and updates without affecting your productive environment

Exclusively in AccurioPro Flux Ultimate:

  • Display videos in full page width on the login page of the web shop

In addition to the functions mentioned here, we implemented many other smaller innovations and improvements. A look at the new version is definitely worthwhile!

Install the update

Contact your local Konica Minolta partner for support in updating to the latest version of AccurioPro Flux!

A valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP) is required to perform the update.

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