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AccurioPro Flux: Version 9.2.4 released (Service release)

AccurioPro Flux 9.2.4 verfügbar

Version 9.2.4 is a service release which comes with printer support for the AccurioLabel 400, support for white toner, improved label imposition features as well as the latest bug-fixes.

New features

  • Support for AccurioLabel 400 with IC-611 (KM) and IC-320L (Creo) controllers
  • Support for AccurioPrint 850i/950i
  • White toner support
  • Improved compatibility with TU-510
  • Automatic vertical centering of label layouts

The most important bug fixes:

  • Made improvements for the detection and assignment of spot colors.
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade from AccurioPro Flux version 7.4 to version 8.2 to the current version could not be completed.
  • Fixed the bleed calculation, in special cases it was not applied correctly (e.g., when using the "Rotate back 180°" function for double-sided booklets)
  • Printer status: Improved error handling for when the Flux printer status shows a red warning.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Flux Web customers from logging in via SSO.

Furthermore, we have fixed many other minor bugs.

Update your installation

Contact your local Konica Minolta partner for support in updating to the latest version of AccurioPro Flux!

To update to version 9.2.4, you need a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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