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AccurioPro Flux: Version 7.4 to be released in April

AccurioPro Flux: Version 7.4 to be released in April

In April, the latest version of our AccurioPro Flux print workflow solution will be released with new make-ready features and new functions in the web shop.

In version 7.4, we put our emphasis on the development of new features for the make-ready part and the web shop. You can look forward to many big and small innovations, which will help you to further increase the productivity of your print shop.

Innovations in the make-ready part

When preparing print files for printing, time is an increasingly important factor. In most printing companies, we see the trend of increasing numbers of print jobs while at the same time smaller print runs are ordered. As a result, the print volume does not change, or only slightly, but more jobs than before have to be prepared for printing.

The speed in the preparation of the print data is therefore crucial. With the use of AccurioPro Flux, a large number of the necessary steps can already be automated, for example the imposition or media programming. However, it is sometimes necessary to make manual adjustments. In these cases it is important that print operators get the job done with as few clicks as possible.

For fast and comfortable print preparation with just a few clicks, we have developed the following new features:

  • Copy & paste print settings
    Avoid the manual repetition of defining page settings (e.g. paper selection, finishing) by simply copying them and pasting them to other pages instead.
  • Recurring page selections
    You can now quickly and easily select pages or page ranges according to a specific pattern, e.g. every fifth page or two pages ever 10 pages. You can then edit them in one step, saving time and clicks.
  • Repeat range programming until the end of a document
    If you edit a document consisting of repeating sections (for example, a document from a VDP application that contains the same personalized content multiple times), then the print settings will also repeat at certain intervals. Here you can now define settings for a page range and then apply them to the rest of the document. The settings are repeated until the end of the document.
  • Convenient insertion of multiple pages at different positions in the document
    You want to insert multiple slip sheets, tab sheets, blank pages or pages from external documents at different positions in the document? No problem! Select the required positions and add several pages or sheets in one step.

New features in the web shop

There are also some new features in the web shop, the web-to-print part of AccurioPro Flux:

  • Pricing of large-format products
    If you offer large-format products in your web shop, you can now add pricing by defining a price per square meter. If your customer uploads the print file during ordering, a price is automatically calculated and displayed.
  • Personalized products with non-editable fields
    In the case of printing business cards within a corporation, it is often desired that the users are not allowed to change their position or job description, especially if the information for these fields is imported from an internal database. In this case, the corresponding fields can be set to "Read-only" and thus cannot be changed by the user.
  • New options for merging multiple files
    In previous versions, users could already upload multiple files to create one print job out of them. Now users can additionally change the order of the files after the upload and insert slip sheets or tab sheets between the individual files.
  • Hierarchical accounts  
    If an account has to be specified when ordering in the web shop, the user has (the sometimes difficult) task to pick the right one, especially in companies with many accounts. Here, the way of presentation can significantly simplify the choice of the right account. For this reason, accounts can now be displayed hierarchically.

Version 7.4 of AccurioPro Flux will be released in April 2017. We will of course inform you on the blog as soon as we publish the new version.

Stay tuned!

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