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AccurioPro Flux: Version 8.2.2 released (Service release)

Service release for AccurioPro Flux available

This service release adds support for the latest Konica Minolta printing systems. We also provide a number of bug fixes to ensure optimal performance of AccurioPro Flux.

New in version 8.2.2

Newly supported printing systems:

Fixed bugs


  • Freezing of Flux Workstation when left open and idle for several days
  • Delayed loading of the job list if the images of the printing systems cannot be loaded

Import / Make-ready

  • Quick import: Transfer of the wrong sheet format during quick import if "Document format" is used as sheet format for a product
  • Color detection: Different color detection in different versions of AccurioPro Flux, so that pages of the same document sometimes have a different color status depending on the used Flux version
  • Color detection: Incorrect color detection for certain PDF documents
  • Move page content: Incorrect moving of page content for certain PDF documents
  • Paper selection: Display of an incorrect warning when selecting papers with individual sizes
  • Flux Raster Editor: Program crash when opening documents in the Flux Raster Editor that contain chapters and start with a tab sheet and cover


  • Printer status: Missing printer status update in the production tab of the Flux Workstation as long as the operator works on the same job
  • Color split cluster: Incorrect click of an additional black and white page by the color printer if the color printer is used as finishing printer
  • Color split cluster: Missing deactivation of the punching option if the color printer (with Fiery controller) is used as the first printer
  • Printing the back side of sheets: Double-sided instead of single-sided output when printing only the back side of selected sheets
  • AccurioPress 6136 printer settings: Missing output tray transmission when an external finishing device is selected as output tray
  • Cover settings in printer settings: Option to select the PI-PFU as "PI front cover" and "PI back cover" when using KM PJL / PDF as a print technology, even though it is not supported by this print technology

Web shop

  • Sorting: Incorrect sorting of print documents for orders in which more than nine files are merged
  • Scaling: Missing adoption of scaling settings and missing preview for print products with individual scaling factor

Update your installation

Contact your local Konica Minolta partner to obtain the latest update.

Version 8.2.2 is provided free with a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

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