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AccurioPro Label Impose: Version 1.0.6 released

AccurioPro Label Impose

AccurioPro Label Impose is now available in version 1.0.6 and has received some new features with the latest updates. The innovations of the last versions are summarized for you in this article.

AccurioPro Label Impose, a software solution for fast and efficient ganging of labels specifically designed for Konica Minolta's label printers, has been released in version 1.0.6.

We already introduced the basic functions. These include the automated imposition of labels with optimal material utilization as well as the recognition of information embedded in the print file, e.g. for the creation of the die cut tool or for further processing (varnishing etc.).

New features

In the meantime, additional features have been added with the latest updates:

Improvements in the import dialog

  • Unless changed by the operator, the file name of the first chosen artwork will be automatically used as the job name so that job information (e.g. order number) contained in the file name is not lost
  • The width of the last job is used as preset for the new job to make re-entry unnecessary
  • The banner mode of the machine is supported within the software, so that the maximum page height can be increased to 1195 mm (18.9 in) and thus even oversized labels can be printed

Improved usability

Artworks can now be moved directly from the artwork list to the main canvas via drag & drop.

Additional decimal places allow a more accurate positioning of the artworks.

New output options

The default setting for the print mode was changed to "Hold print job".

The print dialog now offers the following options:

  • Only artworks: Only the print layer will be printed
  • Artworks and additional die cutting lines for adjustment: Artworks and an additional die line area are printed
  • Selected layers: One or more layers can be selected for output

Device support

Konica Minolta's new label printer AccurioLabel 190 is supported.

Language support

The software is now also available in the following languages: Chinese (traditional, simplified), Japanese, Korean.

Software maintenance

A Software Maintenance Plan (SMP) can be purchased which allows to update the application to future versions. The first year is also included retroactively in the case of licenses already purchased.

Install the latest version

In order to receive the latest version, please get in contact with your local Konica Minolta partner.

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