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Add-on: Add fonts for labeling in Printgroove JT Man 5

Arial and Lucida Bright are added to the font selection

You want to use a special font for page or tab sheet labeling in Printgroove JT Man 5? This Add-on is all you need.

What can I use this Add-on for?

Printgroove JT Man 5 comes with three default fonts for page and tab sheet labeling: Times, Courier, Helvetica. These are safe fonts working across platforms and on the internet.

But say you want to use a CI font for inhouse documents? Or your customer demands a specific font for tab sheet labeling (beware of licences issues here). The default fonts shipped with Printgroove JT Man 5 will not suffice here but this Add-on comes to the rescue.

If (and only if) the font you wish to add is part of your local Windows font system you can enhance the font selection list in JT Man 5 by installing this Add-on.


You can only add the standard version of a font, e.g. Lucida Bright. It is not working with sub fonts, e.g. Lucida Bright Italic or Lucida Bright Bold.

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