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Add-on: Move jobs after printing

This Add-on allows to move a print job automatically to a predefined folder after printing. The Print operator no longer needs to clean up the order list manually.

How printed jobs are handled by default

The default setting for printed jobs in Printgroove JT Man  5 is that they stay in the order list untouched. The Print operator then decides what to do with printed jobs: Whether to leave them there or to move them manually to a special folder, e.g. the Trash folder. If the Print operator puts them into the Trash folder, they can be easily deleted: Just right-click on the Trash folder and select Empty Trash to delete old jobs.

This deletes what we call order items: All parts of an order visible in the user interface of Printgroove JT Man 5. But no order information is lost because those are kept safe in the database. All information of an deleted order item is still available but marked deleted. This is standard database behaviour.

Change the default behaviour

Use this Add-on if you wish to change the default settings. By installing this Add-on you can define a folder where all printed jobs are moved to automatically after printing. The order list is cleaned automatically and always up-to-date. The Print operator only sees those print jobs still waiting for processing.

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