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Add-on: Save print files quick and easy

This Add-on adds "Save as" to the menu

Do you want to save the print files from Printgroove JT Man 5 in an external folder? Use this Add-on to save print and source files without the need to open them beforehand.

What can I use this Add-on for?

If you go to the order list in Printgroove JT Man 5 and select a print job, you will see the order information in a dedicated tab. By default you can open both the print file and source file by using a menu.

This Add-on extends this menu. It adds a "Save as" to the already existing "Open" and "Open with" entries. It enables you to save the files directly in a folder of your choice without prior opening. You can save some clicks and, even more important, save time, because the opening of huge print files can take some time and may be dispensable.

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