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Add-on: Use Printgroove JT Compile 2 in automatic mode

The log window shows the current status.

This Add-on adds hot folder functionality to Printgroove JT Compile 2. You can switch the application to auto mode and print by simply placing your projects in a certain folder without the need to open them beforehand.

What you need

  • Printgroove JT Compile 2
  • the new Add-on
  • A print project which was defined in JT Compile 2.

How it works

When you install this new Add-on, this is what happens:

  1. You create a new folder called "auto" which works as an hot folder.
  2. A new button with the label "Start auto mode" is added in JT Compile 2.

By clicking the button "Start auto mode" the application window is replaced by a simple log window.

Now when you place your pre-defined project in the folder called "auto", the project is automatically compiled and sent to the printer. You can see in the log window if the project was printed successfully.


You don't need to open a project to send it to the printer. If you have print projects with big print files, this can save a lot of time.

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