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Coming soon: Version 5.4 for all Printgroove JT 5 products

At the end of March we will release a new update for Printgroove JT Web, Printgroove JT Man and Printgroove JT Suite. Look forward to a new option and many brand new features.

But for now we just want to deliver a small preview of the highlights of this new version:

Easy integration of LDAP servers with new JT LDAP Connector

Configure the connection to various LDAP servers in Printgroove JT Web or Printgroove JT Suite in order to retrieve existing user data directly to our applications. The LDAP configuration is group based where each user group may use a different LDAP server. Your users will be allowed to log into the online shop without prior registration and you will benefit from always up-to-date user data as it is always updated on login.

New accounting database for statistical reports

The order details from Printgroove JT Man and Printgroove JT Suite are now saved in an SQLite database. The database can be accessed via ODCB driver by 3rd party tools, e.g. Microsoft Excel. It enables you to create custom queries and reports.

Optimize approval workflow with email notificiations

The whole approval workflow in Printgroove JT Web and Printgroove JT Suite can now be managed via email notifications. The authorizer can be informed via email as soon as a new order is waiting for approval. The user can get a confirmation email when the order was approved or is informed in case it was rejected. You as Print operator can get an email as well whenever a new order arrives.

Improved performance

We significantly improved the performance of Printgroove JT Man when processing print files with plenty of pages, e.g. 20.000 pages. Now it is not only possible to import such huge files within a minute, it is also possible to edit those documents comfortably and to send them to the printer quickly.

Comfortable upload: File size is checked beforehand

Before the user can upload a print file within the online shop of Printgroove JT Web or Printgroove JT Suite, the file size is now checked first to avoid long waiting periods. The user is informed beforehand in case the max. file size is exceeded and doesn't have to wait for the upload process to finish to get the information. The customer enjoys a much better user experience.

The update will be available by end of March free of charge to all customers with a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

We will keep you informed!

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