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Coming soon: Version 5.6 for all Printgroove JT 5 products

End of October we will release a new version for Printgroove JT Web 5, Printgroove JT Man 5 and Printgroove JT Suite 5. Look forward to a lot of new features and improvements, especially for our web-to-print solution.

Today we already want to announce some of the highlights of the new version. The new features and improvements focus mainly on our web-to-print application Printgroove JT Web 5.

64-bit version

Version 5.6 of Printgroove JT Web 5 will be available as 64-bit version. If you are currently using the software on a 32-bit system, you are free to install the update there, of course. But we highly recommend to upgrade to a 64-bit system in the future.

Lock the web-to-print online shop for users and Print operators

As Manager you now have the possibility to lock Printgroove JT Web 5. As long as the lock is active, Users, Users plus and Print operators are not allowed to log in. When they try, a note is displayed saying “Login is currently not available due to maintenance”. While locked, you can make changes in the configuration without coming into conflict with ongoing orders.

Catalog management

If Users plus have the right for catalog management, they are now allowed to create, rename and delete catalog folders. Besides moving documents between catalog folders, they now can just copy documents without moving them. Additionally users can search each catalog folder for document title, product and ID. They can include the current catalog folder or all catalog folders in their search.

Account field

With version 5.6 you can activate an account field for each user group in the group configuration. During ordering it is displayed to the user on the check & order page. As Manager you can choose your own caption for this field and decide if it should be a text field with a maximum length or a pull-down menu with a list of possible values.

Configuration of JT Document Converter

We integrated the configuration of the JT Document Converter in the backend of Printgroove JT Web 5. Now you can adjust the settings for this option without leaving the application.

The update will be available by end of October free of charge to all customers with a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP).

We will keep you informed!

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