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Feedback appreciated

We have been developing our software solutions for more than 15 years now. During that time our products changed quite a lot. We continuously added more features and from time to time did slight adjustments in our product strategy. Most of the new features we included have their origin in feature requests coming from our customers. That's why we ask for your feedback!

How can I provide feedback?

There are two ways of doing that. The easiest way: Just send us an email to

In case you are already in contact with Konica Minolta, please tell them your suggestions for new features or improvements and ask them to forward your request to us.

We indeed receive a lot of feedback from our customers via Konica Minolta and we really appreciate that. But we are as much looking forward to your direct feedback.

Please note: If you don't have a new request but an technical problem with your current installation, please contact the customer service of your local Konica Minolta dealer. They will solve your problem quickly and competently.

Which information is needed?

In order to consider your feature request for our future product development, we would like you to provide some basic information:

  • Product: Please tell us the software solution you are referring to and the version you are currently using.
  • Description: Please describe your feature request in detail. The more information the better!
  • Benefit: How would you benefit from this new feature?
  • Contact: Please tell us how we can contact you, if necessary.

What will happen with my feature request?

We use a special issue tracking system for feature reqests, every request is systematically added to this system. So we can be sure that no request is lost.

The next step is to prioritize new feature requests. The priority of a request depends on various factors, for example: How many customers had the same request? How much development effort is needed to realize this request? Does it effect other parts of the software? In general it also has to be conform with the strategic plans we have for our software solutions.

If a feature request has a high priority, chances are high that it will be included in one of our next software versions. But in the end it is also a matter of time – in order to provide stable updates at promised deadlines, we have to keep focused. Luckily some requests can be implemented quickly because we are already working on some features and are able to consider your new requests during this process.

Individual requests

If you have individual requests that are necessary to use our solutions in your production environment, you might rather need a customization of a current feature than a new feature. Here our experienced team for software customization takes over.

In this case please get in contact with your local Konica Minolta dealer. They will get in contact with us and we will provide a detailed offer.

We are looking forward to your feedback!