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This is our latest harvest of links relevant for printing. Special this week: Food label printing

Food label printing

  • We noticed quite a few contributions concerning food label printing. Background is that the EU directive governing this field (1169/2011) kicks into effect soon (December 13th 2014). In September a couple of companies launched products claiming to comply with the new directive: See here and here and here, for example.
  • Already last year, the EU lifted the ban on chemicals to laser the required information into fruits (your banana may have tats in the future with best before date).
  • For one collector removing the print label from the fruit is taking things too far: "I'm going bananas over EU fruit sticker ruling"
  • A recent piece in the Guardian suggested otherwise: It reported on a real breake, a paradigmatic shift in food labeling. The UN reports a staggering waste of 100 million tonnes of food globally.To reduce this waste industrial designer Solveiga Pakštaitė (@SolveigaP) proposes a new approach of food labeling: A bioreactive bump that will swell as the particular food perishes. Read more in the Guardian.
  • Brian Szubinski from inkondapaper confirms that eating an old school printed fruit label will not harm you. So we may stay with those, because what will happen if you swallow the bioreactive bump? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, anybody?

Source: Orange County Archiv, Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0

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