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Fresh print links

Ceiling of a market hall in Rotterdam | Photo: Paul van der Velde (credits & license see below)

These are the links we consider worth your attentention. It is our latest harvest in all matters printing.

The 2015 CMYK Manifesto: Invest In The Future Of Print: Deborah Corn talks truth in her brilliant manifesto. Plus it's fun to read!

Designing For Print With CSS: CSS is not only used to design websites. You can also use it to design print documents like brochures, books and catalogs. Learn how to do it!

A very personal future for print: Personalized print products already claim an important share of the current print production and will become even more important. Learn how to generate new print revenue streams.

How to Stay Motivated (via InkOnDaPaper):10 Tips how to stay motivated and focused when selling printing.

Unique printing process creates the world’s largest artwork: Have a look at this spectacular market hall in Rotterdam! The ceiling consists of more than 4,000 aluminium panels coverd with beautiful prints.

Researchers 3D Print Synthetic Blood Vessels, May Have Major Impact on Bypass Surgery: Great news for people suffering from heart disease.

Last but not least: Watch this designer creating a logo from scratch!

Have a nice and relaxed weekend!

Photo: The ladybug, A part of the ceiling, De Markthal Rotterdam 11-10-2014 by Paul van de Velde/Flickr. Licensed under CC BY 2.0.