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Fresh print links

Microsoft's Productivity Future Vision | Source: Screenshot

These are the links we consider worth your attentention. It is our latest harvest in all matters printing.

When Drones Aren’t Enough, Amazon Envisions Trucks with 3D Printers

Amazon handed in several patent applications explaining how the company wants to print goods on-demand inside of trucks to deliver them in time. Wow!

Checking PDF Files for Print Production

Honestly, we recommend to subscribe to the whole blog of Tini Alexander instead of reading only this single piece! But this article is a good start as it gives great advice on how to prepare print files for printing. Check out more!

Augmented Reality Calendar from We Are Royale on Vimeo

Here is a video we discovered via Tini about a really special calendar: 

Why digital natives prefer reading in print. Yes, you read that right.

"Researchers say readers remember the location of information simply by page and text layout" – that's a good point and that's why books, especially textbooks, need an excellent layout.

Youth Print Culture

Another article that deals with the attitude of digital natives towards printed media.

Printing businesses can help prevent the digital dark age

Long-term data management is the keyword. There's a great demand for making sure that data is still available and accessible in 30 or 100 years.

The Surprising Power of Print Marketing to Leverage Your Ecommerce Site

Well, that was not such a big surprise for us. But it is still a nice read.

KFC launches edible coffee cup made from biscuit and sugar paper

Yummie! What a nice way to reduce the waste from all the coffee-to-go cups.

At the end we want to take a look into the future: After writing about Konica Minolta's vision for the future of work some weeks ago, now Microsoft shared their productivity future vision:

Have a nice weekend!