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Fresh print links


These are the links we consider worth your attentention. It is our latest harvest in all matters printing.

The first entry in today's list is not print related but software related. Rian van der Merwe addresses the perennial problem of badly designed enterprise software. For him it boils down to the fact that persons different from the end users actual buy the software and demand certain features. The end user cares about usability. He expects that software helps him finish a task faster, better or both. We agree!

How hard is it to request a quotation from your print service provider? It seems very. Christine Alexander lists all the information you should include. The list is long. Very. We build most of this info into our software. But we use it for ordering not for requesting a quote. Maybe we should?

Jennifer Matt at writes about marketing in the print business. It is not brand marketing but lead generation. Mostly lead generation is left to the sales team. Direct quote: "Most sales people suck at lead generation; therefore they avoid it at all costs". But if marketing generates high quality leads which are then fed to the sales team, they will convert nicely. Makes sense, or?

The second drupa Global Trends report is out. Results are mixed but signalizing some improvement in the global print industry. What we find remarkable: Digital print is growing rapidly but turnover for most printers remains small. "Only ten percent of the print service providers surveyed achieved more than 25 % of their 2014 sales in digital printing (2013: 8 %)". See the press release for more results or buy the report for details.

Sophie Jones writes about workflow software in the print industry. It is rather long but worth your time because it covers most of the dis/advantages of existing workflow software. Sadly though, she missed our solution.

And the last entry in our list is not about printing either. But it is about paper and folding. Brian Szubinski over at shared the wonderful video “How Origami Is Inspiring Scientific Creativity”

Enjoy your spring weekend!