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Fresh print links

Touching the Prado. Didú from Estudios Durero on Vimeo

These are the links we consider worth your attentention. It is our latest harvest in all matters printing.

This New Printing Process Lets Blind People “See” Art Masterpieces (via InkOnDaPaper)

"Braille for painting" – what a great innovation! In the Museo del Prado in Madrid blind people can touch and experience art masterpieces. The article explains, how it works.

Infographic: The economics of print

We already mentioned the second drupa Global Trends Report. But now the drupa newsroom published an infographic on their blog which is worth a second look!

The Pros of Providing Working Files for Print Production

Christine Alexander discusses on her blog the advantages of sending the working files for printing instead of (or along with) PDF files. She makes good points which you really should consider for your next print production.

3 key mistakes that lead to a lack of sales from social media

Matthew Parker writes about the use of social media in the print industry and identifies the three most common errors. We totally agree with him.

Premier Print trebles output with Konica Minolta

A nice success story for our colleagues at Konica Minolta in UK and their Digital 1234 programme: A commercial printer invested in new technology from Konica Minolta and was able to treble its output.

This next video by the University of St. Gallen gives a great insight in the development of new business models.The video shows that successful business model often do not really introduce new business patterns but adapt, refine or combine them. Have a look! (via Mark Hinder)

Have a nice week!