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Fresh print links

These are the links we consider worth your attentention. It is our harvest in all matters printing.

If you have a link for the list in the future, let us know on Twitter. It does not need to be brand new, but relevant to the printing industry.

  • Christine Dunne from InfoTrends compiled the latest quarterly earnings of the biggest print vendors: Printer vendors post strong quarter. She also had a look at possible reasons, which seem to be "higher-end models, IT services, product launches, sales expansion activities, and cost reduction".
  • Bill Farquharson writes in his blogpost The “Print is Dead” Objection about the potential of making use of empty mailboxes instead of overflowing email inboxes. We agree!
  • Via the drupa newsroom we discovered a series of podcasts launched by The Digital Academy by Antalis. In their latest podcast they discuss the use of creative papers in the digital market.
  • Matthew Parker emphasizes the need of diversification strategies and gives three examples. By the way, he also published a new e-book about how to use social media to create print sales. We haven't read it yet, but it's definitely worth a closer look.
  • Last but not least: Frank Romano discovered his poetic vein for a special keynote seminar at Graph Expo 14. To be honest: He's not Shakespeare, but we liked it anyway!

Enjoy your weekend!

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