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[How-to] Impose tickets & number them consecutively with barcodes

Add consecutive numbering with AccurioPro Flux

We show you how to use AccurioPro Flux to generate a set of consecutively numbered tickets for events from a single copy. Add the numbers as plain text or as barcode.

How-tos are short tutorials in which we show you how typical everyday problems in print shops can be solved with AccurioPro Flux.

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Numbering tickets

Tickets with consecutive numbering are usually used for events. Often the numbers are printed on the tickets in plain text and as barcode. We will show you how you can easily generate a large number of numbered tickets from a single ticket.

→ Download How-to (PDF)

Additionally, the How-to is available as a video. You can comfortably follow the instructions step by step while watching the video.



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