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Integrate third party devices into Konica Minolta JT Suite 6

Do you utilize printing devices from different manufacturers and are you interested in a software solution for your entire print workflow? Then continue reading about our solution.

Initially we designed and programmed our software solutions to be compatible with all PostScript-capable output devices. This was achieved with a special file format (DPML - dots print meta language). We kissed this concept goodbye a while ago in favor of a PDF workflow and its many advantages.

Our current products communicate with Konica Minolta production machines in an excellent manner: The software knows when a door is left open, toner runs low or whether an order send to the printer is actually printed - or not.

We can achieve this because we directly access those devices and their controllers.

But what about the integration of printing devices from other manufacturers?

We know from our support team, customer visits and market surveys that a homogenous set of devices is rather the exception than the rule. Most operators command a rather colorful set of devices from different manufactures and generations and very different finishing options. Using a software only capable to address devices from a single manufacturer in such a environment tends to be very frustrating. If the supported machine breaks, the whole workflow comes to a grinding halt. Other example: This machine becomes the eye of the needle if there is a sudden influx of many but low volume orders. Such conditions do not allow an unifies workflow but demand permanent manual intervention.

For these reasons we offer a special option for our Konica Minolta JT Suite 6 software: Integration of third party devices. This integration cannot be as deep as with Konica Minolta devices but should allow for a unified workflow across all devices. This option is not an off the shelf product. All manufacturers use their own formats, protocols, controllers and procedures. Therefore our customization department needs to check every single case and decide which level of effort is necessary to achieve the possible support of our software.

This option is already available from the Basic module and it will not break when you advance to the other modules. Functionality will also remain intact if and when you update or upgrade our products.

If you are interested in such a integration ask your local Konica Minolta contact person for details. We can then write your individual offer containing information about which devices or functions can be supported.