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International Print Day 2014 (#IPD14)

On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, the International Print Day debuts. Join us to help print trend the planet!

Never heard of it. What is the International Print Day?

The International Print Day expands on the weekly #printchat conservations on Twitter. There every week the print community gets together to share ideas, knowledge and information and discuss current topics. It is hosted by Deborah Corn from PrintMediaCentr and is moderated by print expert Sandy Hubbard.

What it is all about?

It is all about sharing knowledge. To be precise: Sharing knowledge on all matters printing through social media. Knowledge can be everything: From information about hard- and software, exciting projects, interesting studies and business cases – everything that is relevant, topical and dynamic is highly welcome.

The goal is to make print trending worldwide through social media and to remind everybody that print is everywhere!

Sounds great! Can I participate?

Sure. Share your information using the hashtag #IPD14 – do it on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We will join, too, and share our information on Twitter. Take a look or even better: Join us to help print trend the planet!

Find more information on the dedicated website.