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Introducing: Add-ons for Printgroove JT 5 products

We offer Add-ons for Printgroove JT 5 products to expand the product's functionality. These extensions are free of charge and come without any warranty. The Add-ons are based on real world challenges from our support department.

We will introduce the available Add-ons in loose sequence over this summer, provide you with links, descriptions and advice on how to use every Add-on. Today we will start with a general description of our Add-ons: What function do they serve, how to install, uninstall and if or how long we support each Add-on?

How-to use Add-ons?

Add-ons are installed with ease and de-installed without pain in case there is a problem. Think of them as Firefox extensions – it is indeed the very same technology provided by Mozilla.

Specific Add-ons depend on specific versions of our products. Whenever you update your product Add-ons are automatically de-activated to prevent possible problems. Add-ons may become obsolet with product updates because their functionality moved into the core of the product.

Note: Do not confuse Add-ons with our customization. Add-ons are free and come without warranty, for customizing we charge and do testing.

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