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Konica Minolta JT Suite 6: Modular approach in new version

Image shows modular structure of Konica Minolta JT Suite

Modular structure of Konica Minolta JT 6

We are proud to announce that we released a brand new version of our tried and tested software solution for digital printing. The products have been and continue to be incrementally launched all over Europe (and some places beyond) by Konica Minolta under the new name Konica Minolta JT Suite 6.

Almost 20 years of experience in digital printing accumulated into a range of modular products build with the latest technology to achieve rock solid stability, stellar performance and a focus on usability for all design decisions.

So why is this version special and not only new?

At its core we build a scaleable, modular software solution geared towards the needs of commercial printers and professional printers in CRDs of medium to big corporations, institutions, universities and the like.

The solution consists of three modules:

Konica Minolta JT Basic 6

This is the very core from which to expand according to growing volume. JT Basic 6 is an attractively priced entry level product for Windows. But don't let that fool you. Entry-Level does not mean functionally limited or suitable only for less than professional printers. On the contrary: JT Basic 6 includes a lot of the functionality of the former JT Man 5 like job management, make-ready etc. Even formerly optionally available goodies like Color Split are now included by default (no extra fee). The same is true for 20 hot folders: Included and free. The module is even capable of pre-flight checking by default (transparencies, resolution, missing fonts).

Your benefit:

If your workflow consists mainly of processing PDFs at a single workstation and sending them to a suitable output device, JT Basic 6 is a good start for you and offers automation. Preferably "suitable output device" means a supported Konica Minolta device. But one of the distinctive, if optional, features of JT Basic 6 is third party integration. This does not mean, we support any postscript capable device out there, but we build JT Basic 6 in a way to support as much machines as possible. But we do have to check and test first. Ask your Konica Minolta dealer for details, which vary from country to country.

Konica Minolta JT Workflow 6

This is build upon JT Basic 6. It offers, as the name has it, advanced workflow functions. Different clients connect to it and submit jobs to a central server. The server distributes the print-ready jobs to operator workstations. Workstations, plural. JT Workflow 6 offers true and unique multi seat (optional) capabilities, meaning different operators work on different jobs from the server at the same time. These operators transparently assign jobs to each other, always informed by the server. Since the server knows all about orders and output it also delivers powerful graphical reports.

Your benefit:

If your workflow consists of many documents (not limited to PDFs) coming from different Windows clients to workstations to be processed by operators, then consider JT Workflow 6. Since it is build on JT Basic 6, it is already possible to include third party devices (see above). If you need to process orders simultaneously by different operators at different workstations consider the above mentioned option JT Multi Seat. We have also an option that connects to different accounting solutions (SafeQ, Pcounter, PaperCut).

Konica Minolta JT Web 6

Until now we talked about printing inside a corporate or other network. To connect clients from outside the network we offer JT Web 6, our much improved web-to-print solution. The changes are not fundamental but we build in a lot of niceties which, in sum, increase usability very much for all users, customers and admins alike (Validating an account field via regular expressions? Simple! Integrating your existing Active Directory via LDAP? Super flexible, highly configurable. And there is more).

Your benefit:

JT Web 6 is now tightly integrated into JT Workflow 6. The latter is actually required to run the former. This results in one smooth workflow regardless where the orders come from. To the operator(s) all orders are the same. On the frontend you can offer different web-to-print shops for different customer groups with their respective corporate identity (CI). Since it is a closed shop you can exercise a hight degree of control. 

Is this a safe investment?

Yes, it is. Konica Minolta is a big and reliable partner interested to offer software based solutions in the long term. We are already adding exciting new features for coming releases. And every product comes with a one-year Software Maintenance Plan (SMP)  by default (that means: free). As long as you have a valid SMP you have access to the latest upgrades and updates. This easily translates into a comparative cost advantage over your competitors. Stay ahead!
Better yet: We have a whole department committed to customizing and support. If you have special needs, they will find a solution or offer an alternative.


If you would like to learn more about availability in your country or wish to install a test version use this form. We will speedily transfer your request to a Konica Minolta colleague near you.

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