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Konica Minolta JT Suite becomes AccurioPro Flux | Version 7.0 released

Version 7 of our printmanagement solution comes with a completely new name: AccurioPro Flux. There are also changes to the product structure and many new features that will simplify the printing process.

New product name: AccurioPro Flux

We had already announced it and presented it at drupa: Konica Minolta JT Suite becomes AccurioPro Flux.

The new brand AccurioPro bundles all digital workflow solutions from Konica Minolta. The name Accurio reflects the ultra-modern and high-precision (= accurate) technology of Konica Minolta, while Pro stands for professional use – et voilà: AccurioPro.

Flux stands for the automated workflow, the fluid productive work, and now replaces our previous name "JT Suite".

Adjustments in the product structure

In addition to the name, we have also revised the product structure and bundled the former modules into different products:

The following products are available:

  • AccurioPro Flux Essential
    (former JT Basic)
    Functionality: Prepress & Output
    Components: Flux Workstation
  • AccurioPro Flux Premium
    (former JT Basic & JT Workflow)
    Functionality: Prepress & Output + Automation & Collaboration
    Components: Flux Workstation + Flux Server
  • AccurioPro Flux Ultimate
    (former JT Basic & JT Workflow & JT Web)
    Functionality: Prepress & Output + Automation & Collaboration + Web-to-print
    Components: Flux Workstation + Flux Server + Flux Web

New features

Support of 3rd party devices

Our software solution is optimized for output on production machines from Konica Minolta. In addition, you can also connect printing devices from other manufacturers.

You can add original Postscript Printer Description (PPD) files of 3rd party manufacturers. All features and options included in the PPD file are supported.

This allows you to centrally control all machines in your print room.

Cluster printing

Optimize the utilization of your production machines by organizing them in printer clusters. Print jobs are distributed evenly across all machines in one cluster, even taking the device's individual printing speed into account.

  • Copy split: Splits copies of a job evenly between different printers
  • Page split: Splits pages of one print job evenly between different printers
  • Color split (as in former versions): Splits pages of one job between b/w printer and color printer according to the color status of each page

Use hot folders as virtual printers

Create ticketless virtual printers to convert and impose native print files in one step. These virtual printers are based on hot folders and can be published as windows printers.

Use hot folders for native data spooling

Import native data streams directly in our application by using a hot folder. The data streams are stored permanently and can also be printed several times if necessary.

  • Supported formats: PCL, PS, PDF 
  • Imported files will not be converted and cannot be modified

Install upgrade

The upgrade is available at your local Konica Minolta partner.

If you have a valid Software Maintenance Plan (SMP), the upgrade to version 7 is free of charge.