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More standard user seats in AccurioPro Flux

More standard user seats in AccurioPro Flux

With immediate effect, the number of print operators who can work simultaneously with AccurioPro Flux Premium or Flux Ultimate increases to three. This makes the solution even more attractive for small teams.

There is good news for customers who are using Flux Premium or Flux Ultimate or thinking about purchasing either product:

From now on, both products can be used by three operators at the same time as standard at no extra cost. Previously, additional Flux Multi Seat licenses had to be purchased for this purpose. This is now only necessary if the team consists of more than three people.

This change not only benefits new customers, but also all existing customers who are already using Flux Premium or Flux Ultimate. Even customers who are using the previous version (Konica Minolta JT Workflow) can look forward to two additional user seats.

The change makes AccurioPro Flux even more attractive for use within small teams. AccurioPro Flux can be used "out of the box" with a team size of up to three people, without having to invest in additional user licenses, in order to collaborate in processing print jobs or to assign them to individual print operators.

An upgrade from the basic version Flux Essential to the next higher product version Flux Premium is now also much more attractive, as there is no need to invest in additional user licenses for small teams.

How to benefit from the change

New customers will automatically benefit from the change, as the additional users are already activated for new registrations.

If you are already using Flux Premium or Flux Ultimate, it is necessary to update your registration. Please open the registration via Start | AccurioPro Flux | Registration and submit the registration form again.

If you have already purchased Flux Multi Seat licenses, they will remain unchanged. Your total number of user seats will increase by two.

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